Happy Doggo Splash Pad
Happy Doggo Splash Pad
Happy Doggo Splash Pad
Happy Doggo Splash Pad
Happy Doggo Splash Pad
Happy Doggo Splash Pad
Happy Doggo Splash Pad
Happy Doggo Splash Pad
Happy Doggo Splash Pad
Happy Doggo Splash Pad
Happy Doggo Splash Pad

Happy Doggo Splash Pad

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Keep your doggo cool in these hot summer days! The Happy Doggo Splash Pad is an exciting and refreshing addition to your backyard that your dogs, or even your kids, will adore. Make your furry friend’s summer a splash with this fun, easy to set up and safe water sprinkler pad! 

🐾 Water Fun for Dogs (and Kids): Not only your fur babies but your little ones can also dive into the fun! This sprinkler pad is an entertaining alternative to a traditional pool. Your pets and children will love it!

🐾 Fountain Effects: The sprinkler’s fountain effects make playtime thrilling and delightful for your dogs, helping keep them both mentally and physically stimulated.

🐾 Easy Setup & Storage: Connect it to any garden hose or PVC tubing, and it’s ready! Adjust the water pressure for desired fountain height. After playtime, simply drain, wash, and hang to dry.

🐾 Adjustable Water Pressure: Easily control the water spray’s height and intensity by adjusting the water pressure at your faucet.

🐾 Lightweight & Portable: Happy Doggo Splash Pad can be folded into a compact size, making it convenient for transport or storage.

🐾 Safe & Durable Material: Made of environment-friendly PVC material, it is BPA-free and non-slip, ensuring a safe play area. The high-quality edge sealing technology prevents bursting.

🐾 Multiple Sizes Available:

  • Small (100x100cm or 39 inches): Perfect for multiple small dogs or pets.
  • Medium (150x150cm or 59 inches): Ideal for one large dog or multiple medium-sized dogs or pets.
  • Large (170x170cm or 67 inches): Ample space for multiple large dogs or pets to play together.

🐾 Useful Tip: Trim your dogs' nails before using the mat to avoid any damage. You can also adjust the water spray direction by tweaking the water pressure.

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Give your pets the gift of endless fun and a cool retreat this summer with the Happy Doggo Splash Pad! 🐶💦

Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Dylan Smith

They are water babies.Quality was excellent. I think it will last a long time, through lots of play.It was quiet.Probably great for kids too.

Tom C

Super happy with my purchase. Would definitely recommend for anyone not just people with pets. As you see in the picture, the water can be adjusted to go pretty high. Humans and dogs can both enjoy a splash! What a life saver this summer. If your dog gets scared easily, I would suggest starting with low water pressure so they don’t scare away. It arrived quickly and in great shape. I was bit hesitant to purchase from the reviews but it’s great.

Kate M

This is by far my dog's favorite toy now. He would stay in it all day if I let him. My dog is crazy. I'll recommend it

Candice Miller

This is a great value! I have 2 dachshunds and they absolutely adore this. We are planning on using it all summer long especially on the hot days with no rain. Would highly recommend for anyone looking for a great value.

Haley Fox

Very well made and easy to set up and use. Hook garden hose to attachment on side of splash pad and turn it on. Water will fill up sides and start to waterfall out of holes to make a fun splash pad for you pet. Good price, totally recommend this!