Aspen Pet Corduroy Accent Pillow Pet Bed

Aspen Pet Corduroy Accent Pillow Pet Bed

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Your furry companion deserves the ultimate comfort and relaxation. The Aspen Pet Corduroy Accent Pillow Pet Bed is here to provide exactly that. It's not just a bed; it's a promise of restful sleep and pleasant dreams for your pet.

Key Features:

🐾 Supreme Comfort: Stuffed generously with high-loft polyester fiber, this bed promises a cushy and soft landing for your pet. Perfect for both cats and dogs, it's designed to cradle them in comfort.

🐾 Soft Corduroy Cover: The soft-touch corduroy cover feels plush against the skin, offering a cozy sleeping experience. Plus, its elegant design and modern look ensure it complements your home decor seamlessly.

🐾 Easy Maintenance: No need to worry about pet messes or odors. The removable cover can be easily slipped off and tossed into the machine for a thorough wash. This ensures your pet always has a clean and fresh place to rest.

🐾 Ideal for Stretch Sleepers: This pillow bed boasts open sides all around, making it ideal for pets that love to sprawl and stretch out as they sleep. Whether it's a cat curling in a crescent or a dog stretching out its legs, this bed has got them covered.

Colors: While the bed comes in assorted colors, each one is chosen to exude a sense of calm and relaxation. Please allow us to pick a color that we feel would be best for your pet!